You might ask, “How can my computer fail if it’s working just fine?” I don’t mean to be a gloomy Gus but there’s something about your computer you really should know: it isn’t going to live forever.

We love our computers, and we have come to depend upon them for our everyday tasks. They store our documents, show us our photos, play our music and remind us of things we need to do.

Having a computer that doesn’t work properly might not be so bad because in many cases it can be fixed. What’s worse than temporarily losing your computer is permanently losing your data. You have a music library, family photos, an extensive contact list and many other important documents that live on a hard drive inside your computer. That hard drive is an electronic (and likely a mechanical) device and at some point it will fail. It might be in thirty years; it might be in thirty seconds.

Before you panic, we have a solution for you that will hopefully make you sleep better at night. Your data doesn’t have to fall victim to a failed hard drive. All you need to do is have a backup configured. A backup program regularly copies your computer’s data to an external device, like a hard drive. The more copies you have of your data, the harder it is to lose.

At My Tech Guys we promote computer backups. Feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about setting up a backup for your computer.

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