Surfing the internet is something just about everybody does. You can search for information, watch videos on Youtube and read Facebook, it can be informative and it can be fun. But it’s not much fun when you get a message saying your computer is infected with viruses, and it’s telling you to call a number.

You’ve probably seen a message similar to this. It might be in big red letters, it might be accompanied with a loud horn or a voice giving you instructions, and it might seem that your computer is locked onto that page. But there will always be a convenient toll-free number to call for help.

This message may seem very convincing, but there is one simple truth you must remember: if your computer is having problems there is absolutely no way anyone else could know.

If you see a message on your computer telling you to call a toll-free number to fix your computer, NEVER call it. Nobody at that number will help you. It is a scam.

If your computer is locked to a web page then it’s just a matter of forcing the web browser to quit. The good news is that this can be done relatively easily. Feel free to call My Tech Guys if you need help with your computer.

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