Windows 7: End of the Line

By time you read this, Windows 7 support will have ended. If you have Windows 7 then you’ve probably been getting notifications from Microsoft warning of this, but what does it mean?

The good news is that Windows 7 still works. If you’re on Windows 7 then you’ll notice that your computer is still running. Microsoft did not completely disable it. However…

The bad news is that there is no more support. As of January 14th you will no longer get software updates. If you go online with Windows 7 you will be more vulnerable because your system won’t be able to protect you against attacks by new viruses and malware.

So what should you do? Well, you have three choices:

  1. Move to Windows 10
    If you’re comfortable using Windows then this is the most obvious course of action. Your Windows 7 computer might be upgradable, or maybe you want to buy a new Windows 10 system.
  2. Switch to another platform
    How about buying a Macintosh? Microsoft isn’t the only game in town.
  3. Ignore the warnings and keep using Windows 7
    This is okay, but you should be aware of the risk of using the internet. The post office will still deliver letters for you.

At My Tech Guys we are encountering many Windows 7 customers faced with this issue. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the transition to Windows 10.

Of course you may have had enough of computers altogether. There are things you can do without technology. Maybe you want to move deep into the forest and spend the rest of your life talking to trees and learning the ways of the world by becoming one with nature befriending wild animals. It’s your choice.

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