The end is near for the Windows 7 operating system; as of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer release security updates. Still, as the date looms, roughly 50% of PC users continue to use Windows 7. Although many have avoided Windows 10 since its bumpy introduction in 2016, everyone who upgraded already has been testing it for you up until this point. Windows 10 has been improving ever since it came out and there are many reasons to switch!

Those concerned about security for their business or home computers should plan their upgrade as far ahead of time as possible.

Whether you plan to simply upgrade your operating system or upgrade your computer altogether, we advise checking in advance for any software compatibility issues (especially if you are running old programs) and potential hardware compatibility issues (printers, scanners, and custom peripherals).

Take a look at a few reasons to switch below.

If you’ve been holding out because you feel that windows 10 might be too different or confusing:

Good news! Windows 10 can be made to look and work like windows 7. The first change that people notice when starting windows 10 is the Start menu. The menu has been improved to add search functionality, access to the Cortana assistant and shortcut icons. These are useful additions but can be overwhelming. If you need help, we can install programs like Open Shell to take the complications out of the start menu and make it look almost the same as it did in windows 7.


If you’ve been holding out because of the possibility that applications that you own won’t work:

Look them up! Microsoft has been keeping up an excellent compatibility system and some applications from the days of Microsoft DOS still work. There may be exceptions to the rule but in that case you’ll have to weigh the risks of having a computer that’s exceptionally vulnerable to new viruses against the benefits of the old application. If you would like to try out Windows 10 with your computer we have a data backup and a data transfer service that will allow you to experiment by taking the plunge and then back out later if you encounter any issues.

If you’ve been holding out because of the reputation of Windows 10:

It’s gotten better! Windows 10 no longer forces you to update at the most inconvenient time. You can use a scheduler for updates and windows will now use opportunities like when you shut down your computer at the end of the day to run updates instead of nagging you during your work hours.

If you still run Windows 7, give us a call, and we’ll help you determine your best option for the transition.



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