Have you ever wanted to move a piece of text on your computer from one place to another? Suppose you found some information on a web page and you wanted to put it into a word processing document. What woud you do?

If you’re moving a small piece of text then it might not be a big deal to just type it again. Retyping a considerable amount, however, is a lot of work and can be prone to mistakes. The best way to move text is to copy and paste it using the clipboard.

The clipboard is a hidden piece of memory you can use to tell the computer to remember things, like blocks of text. Using copy and paste is a two-step process.

Step One: Copy

Use the mouse to highlight the text you want to move, then:
• On Windows type Ctrl-C
• On a Mac type Command-C
Ths tells the computer to remember that text and put it into its clipboard.

Step Two: Paste

Click the cursor where you want to place the text, then:
• On Windows type Ctrl-V
• On a Mac type Command-V
This tells the computer to type out whatever text is in the clipboard.

You can also find the copy and paste commands in the edit menu. Using the clipboard can save you time, and it can make you a more efficient computer user.

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