Last month we released an article entitled: Windows 7: The end is nigh that talked over Microsoft’s withdrawal of support from the operating system on January 14th, 2020. Understandably people had some questions! This article is to answer some of those questions regarding the aging operating systems and what problems and solutions the end of support will create. 

What if I hate the new operating system?

Upgrading is certainly a change from what you would be used to. Windows 10 functions a little differently than windows 7 and it’s settings and options are in new places. In addition to this, what if a key bit of software you love or need does not work after the upgrade? We get it and If after trying it out you are not keen on Windows 10 , we will rollback your computer to Windows 7 for no additional charge.

What issues can arise from upgrading?

With any change in your technological ecosystem, you can run into issues. We have had a bunch of reports of the updates in Windows 10 breaking printer drivers so that the printer needs to be reinstalled! 

Things work slightly differently in Windows 10 and of course, that can be difficult to navigate when you are used to Windows 7 or 8. Every computer we sell comes with a one-hour free lesson to try and bridge this gap and make the transition easier for our clients.

Should I have a backup?

Before the upgrade, it is worth having a backup done. An operating system upgrade can be stressful to the hard drive and especially with older computers, that can lead to hard drive failure. Our advice on backups is always the same, if you have any data that you would hate to lose, then you have to have a backup. There are many different backup solutions out there, some are local, involving an external hard drive (we sell those) and some are internet or cloud-based. There are free and paid options in both camps so see this article on backups for more.

What are the costs of upgrading to Windows 10?

Although the upgrade option is now hidden away, it is still there. We are currently charging $150 to perform the upgrade, all updates and manage any additional issues that can arise from a change of operating system. Due to this, for some older computer, we would recommend a replacement computer instead of the upgrade costs. When your bill approaches the value of your device, it ceases to be worthwhile to put money into an aging machine as you never know when the hardware will falter or fail for good!

I hope that helps many of you with your questions but if you have any additional questions that weren’t covered, please feel free to comment below or give us a call on 250-338-4411.

Thanks again for reading!

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