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If you want to learn in a group about topics such as computer security, iPad operation or tips on safe web browsing, then you have come to the right place! Our Tech Talk series covers a range of topics branching all around the technical spectrum in a welcoming classroom environment.

Taught in a quiet after-work environment by friendly geeks, Brian Bailey, Mitchell Jordan, or Bob Wells the current Tech Talks runs as a series of 25 different lessons that you can sign up as a package of 5, 10 or 25 lessons or just for the lessons of which you need the most for $25 each.

Classes have ended for now. Stay tuned to this page to see the TBA dates for the next Tech Talk!

Computing 101

TBA – Basic Computing Terminology
TBA – Internet Basics
TBA – Email basics
TBA – File Management
TBA – Desktop Maintenance

iOS 101

TBA – iOS Basics
TBA  – App Store
TBA – iPhone Intermediate
TBA – iPad Intermediate
TBA – iCloud

Google Apps

TBA – What is a Google Account?
TBA – Gmail/Google Calendar
TBA – Google Office Suite
TBA – Google Drive/Backup and Sync
TBA -Google Photos

PC 101

TBA – File system (Windows Explorer basics)
TBA – Programs and Apps
TBA – Security
TBA – Customizing your PC
TBA – Backing up your PC

Mac 101

TBA – File system (Finder basics)
TBA – Built-in applications
TBA – Photos
TBA – Backing up with Time Machine
TBA – iCloud

Sign-ups are TBA


Friendly In-Home Service

Would you like a more comfortable hands-on approach while tackling some technical unknowns? If so, then our in-home tech lessons are perfect. We send a certified technician out to your house to solve your problems on the ground while teaching you how to solve the issues yourself!
This can include a large array of topics from iPad use to printer use and setup to photo manipulation and the list goes on!  We recommend making a list of your questions before we arrive to get the most out of your time. Call us now for more information or to book your in-home lesson today.

Call us now to to book an appointment:


Friendly In-store Service

Get out of the house and come to see us in our environment. Our friendly geeks will sit with you with your laptop or desktop and tackle your computer maladies face-to-screen. Coming in at half the price of an in-home lesson, this option is great to get the questions you have answered before committing to an in-home lesson. At this price, you may as well book two back to back! We recommend making a list of your questions before coming into the store to get the most out of your time.

Call us today to book your time with a friendly geek.

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