Over the course of my career here at My Tech Guys, I am often asked what makes us different from other companies. What people are looking for, simply put, is why they should buy from us compared to other stores. A few months ago I wrote an article really detailing what makes us different and how we go about focusing on our Mantra above and being the friendliest geeks in town. We do this by making sure we are treating our talent better than the other guys, working to enrich our community at events and charities, and being better to our customers. Not just the sweet old ladies and gentlemen but people who are upset when their hard drives have failed, people who need more time going over explanations and lessons on how to use things, and making sure people get the right computer for them. 

The changing tides

Read the full article here as we are quite proud of how we do business from North Nanaimo all the way to the tip of the Island and beyond. One of the changes in recent times here in the Comox Valley, as well as the whole of British Columbia, is the increase in house pricing, minimum wage and cost of living. As a community minded company we know that by getting the best computer technicians in the right environment with great training means we provide the best service, but to do so means we will have to change our 15-minute rate from $25 to $30. This means one hour of service will cost $120 and to keep it simple this will apply in-home, in-store, and in-office!

Providing Value

This change helps us stay at the top of the field on Vancouver Island, provide the best service in our stores with people waiting and eager to help, and retain the best talent to serve our customers better! We love having the capacity to fix technical issues, give an impromtu lesson on how to save money on smartphones, book an on site service call to install security cameras, Network offices one day and help program an all-in-one remote the next as our pool of experience and staff are the base for that! 

New Services

A huge thanks to our customers who have helped us get this far and for continuing to use our services! As an addition to the change above we are adding a new service for FREE computer pickup to customers in the Comox Valley area. Many people in the valley have service work that is not practical to do in home. Virus removal, part replacement and operating system reloads are all more cost effective to do in store and now we will come, unplug your machine and bring it into the store FREE of charge. This way the grunt work can be done in store and we can arrange a time to get it resetup and installed in the home, problems solved. 

13 years and counting

This November 15th we will be celebrating our 13th year of serving the Comox Valley and beyond. In fact over 20,000 customers have used our services in total! We’re excited to continue to improve our service and are constantly making changes to be here in 13 more years! Thanks again for your continued support and feel free to call us on 250-338-4411 for service in-home, in-store and in-office. You’ll be glad you did!



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