Security cameras have come a long way since we first started working with them a couple of decades ago.  From the quality of the picture to the ease of use and more recently the ability to access your security cameras from your Smart Phone, more home users and businesses are using security cameras to keep their staff, premises, and belongings safe.
Many people don’t know that My Tech Guys has been servicing, replacing and upgrading Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) for years and that we setup Security Cameras for our Business and Residential customers.  Our Road Techs are Certified and Licensed Security Camera Technicians and allowed to install, service and upgrade your system. We are still recommending using High Definition Analog systems that can record in 1080HD, email you alerts when motion is detected at certain times of the day and of course monitor your cameras remotely on a computer or smartphone.
We also recommend Car Cams especially for business vehicles to always have a record of accidents, help reduce aggressive driving and reduce wear and tear on vehicles.

You can see our own cameras in action when there was a vehicle accident with one of our parked cars in the parking lot at our Courtenay store! Keep your eyes glued on the red truck in the top left-hand corner to see a very slow accident happen towards the end of the video. Someone was probably in Lordco looking for a new parking brake!

Not only to the security cameras in our stores help with the safety of our staff and customers, but deter theft and offer a digital record in case someone misplaces something. If you don’t have a secuirty camera set up yet, you may be surprised by how affordable it can be! For more information call our Comox store at 250-890-1065.


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