Why Buy From Us?

You have many choices when it comes to buying a computer

Here are a few reasons we think you should consider My Tech Guys.

As well as having the best geeks on staff, we also have the best stock on shelves. From PCs to accessories to custom orders, we have a wide network of suppliers to find you the best product for your needs.



We sell computers of the highest quality that come with the best manufacturer hardware warranties, to give your computer the maximum possible lifespan.

Ready to Go

Every computer we sell has been opened by our tech guys, verified to work and be problem free, screened for any software issue, updated, cleaned of unneeded “bloatware” and installed with the latest antivirus.

Local Service

We service what we sell. We are authorized to work on Mac computers as a warranty center and Apple premium service Partner and have our A+ certificates for PCs.

Introductory Lesson

We want you to love your computer. When you purchase a computer from us we’ll give you a one hour in store lesson with a friendly Tech Guy.

Product Flyers

Call us now and chat with a sales rep:

Come see what’s in store:

We build custom PCs to suit your individual needs.

Fill out the custom PC checklist and we’ll get back to you with a quote.


We offer a full suite of accessories for iPads.  These include:
– Armored Cases
– Screen covers
– Wall plugs
– Charging cords


We sell a variety of software both in stock and special order. We are also happy to field calls regarding which piece of software, either pair or free, is right for you. This includes for:
Office software – Microsoft office, open-office libre-office Office 365 etc
Mail software – Outlook, Thunderbird, EMclient
Budgeting software – Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Simply Accounting etc
Additional antivirus protections – Malware Bytes Professional
Dictation Software – Jaws, Dragon naturally speaking etc
and much more
Drop us a line today and let’s talk over what you need.
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