MyTechGuys works with and support various nonprofit organisations in the Comox Valley. While the
needs of the majority of these organisations align with those of our small business customers, their
operating budgets often do not.

Don’t let software licensing cost deter you from staying up-to-date: TechSoup Canada is a non-profit
that helps supply other nonprofits with technology they need at a discounted rate.

“TechSoup Canada gives Canadian nonprofits, charities & public libraries access to top technology
resources without paying top dollar. By registering on their site, your organization can get access to
donated software from up to 30 companies such as Microsoft, Symantec and Intuit. They also provide
resources for nonprofits on how to use technology such as websites, social media and databases.”

If a nonprofit you are involved with could benefit from some updated tech, give us a shout! We can
work with you to get the right hardware and software for your needs, develop workflows, and provide
training to your staff or volunteers.

Find out more at

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