At My Tech Guys we have been taking computers with life still left in them and re-purposing them for non-profits like YANA. CompuCycle in Cumberland used to do this, but when Encorp took over, the idea of fixing up old computers was not in their plans and the program ended.

 “It felt great to take something one person had no more use for, and be able to fix it up so it had value for someone else. Keeping useful computers out of the landfill was win-win,” says Frank Biermann, My Tech Guys employee and former CompuCycle manager.

At My Tech Guys we are happy to deal with your unneeded computer equipment through our Re-Purpose Program. We review your donation and determine which option is thebest. We may donate computer equipment to a local non-profit organization, or resell it and give the proceeds to these groups. If, however, your computer is no longer usable we can send it to recycling, but we will first remove its hard drive.

On average, a computer that is less than five years old may still have some life left in it, and be fast enough to run the latest operating systems and software.

“Often it is a failing hard drive that sends the old system to the rubbish bin when the rest of it is still working fine, but the cost of repair is too high. By donating our time to fix it, it is a win-win-win: the customers feel great, the computer stays out of the landfill, and the non-profits get a system to use,” says My Tech Guys owner Bob Wells.

Think you have something that could be put to good use? Drop by one of our stores and chat to one of our friendly geeks, or give us a call.

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