A notice from The Comox Valley RCMP has been posted, warning people of a common cell phone scam that’s been making the rounds in the Comox Valley. They are reminding residents to be vigilant when handing out personal information after receiving several reports of a popular cell phone scam.

The attackers will attempt to gain personal information which they then use to impersonate you at your cell phone carrier. Once they convince your cell phone carrier that they are you, they ask your carrier for a sim card which allows them to receive your phone calls, text messages, and to bypass security measures on your social media and online banking accounts.

Always be careful with what information you give out, and if you aren’t sure, ask them for the reason they need that information. As always, never give your password to anyone over the phone. 

“As a result of this type of fraud, thousands of dollars have been lost here in the Comox Valley” – Cst. Monika Terragni, Media Relations Officer, Comox Valley RCMP. 

“In addition to the financial loss, victims are spending countless hours getting their accounts back in order” she continued. 

Do not answer text messages, click on links or answer e-mails asking for personal information. If any of the e-mails or text messages are about porting your phone number or if you lose service on your device – contact your service provider immediately by calling them directly.

Many carriers allow you to setup a security question or code before changes can be made, consider calling your service provider and setting one up to prevent unauthorized action. 

More information can be found at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:



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