If you have an aging iPhone whose battery isn’t what it used to be, then maybe it’s time to swap out the battery for a new one. As some of you might have heard, Apple currently has a battery replacement program that costs $35 instead of the usual price of over $100 to swap out a battery for models iPhone 6 and newer! We have been doing the repairs at My Tech Guys for the last year and will continue to do so until the plan ends at the end of December 2018!

Apple had launched this battery replacement program when it was discovered that the company had throttled the performance of older iPhones that had degrading batteries. According to Apple, this was done to prevent the phones from shutting down at random, which some users had initially discovered.

Obviously, some people did not take to kindly to their phone being slowed down intentionally. This resulted in Apple launching the battery replacement program which offered heavily discounted prices, as well as changes made to iOS in which it would give users the ability to manage the performance of their device.

That being said, the program will end on the 31st of December so if you haven’t already taken advantage of it, you might want to do so because having an older iPhone with a brand new battery could squeeze out an extra year or two if you don’t plan on upgrading just yet! 

Come on into My Tech Guys Courtenay to sign in your phone today!

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