Pre-Purchase Inspection

Apple makes some great products. The only downside is that when your device fails and it’s time to buy again, the cost of getting an Apple replacement can be quite high compared to its PC counterpart. Perhaps because of this, there has always existed a decent second-hand market for Mac computers.

Is this device worth it?

Before buying an Apple device used, you may have some questions? Has my iPhone been repaired before with Apple? How old is the device? How much life is left in this device? Is it already broken beneath the surface? My device is still locked to an Apple ID, how do I get this off?

We get people through our doors every day with these questions and have now introduced a name and a service for these customers. The Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI) gives both the seller and buyer the knowledge and confidence to sell their devices.

People don’t buy a car without a mechanical inspection, this is the same except for Apple devices. 

For iMac, MacBook Pro, iPads, & iPhones for $20 and around 15 minutes, we can answer the above questions and produce a receipt letting others know our findings! Our expert apple diagnostics tools will tell us heaps of information about the device, making sure that you are selling correctly or buying a good product

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