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I recently was sailing with some friends and we took on some water with my laptop and phone in my purse getting soaked. They have both been in rice over the weekend. The laptop turns on but turns off shortly afterward and the phone will won’t turn on.

What should I do as I feel like I tried everything?



Good morning,
Thanks for reaching out to us Margaret. I would recommend bringing both of these into us right away so they have a chance of getting saved.
Despite many articles online to the contrary, putting electronics in rice does not help at all. The principles aren’t crazy, using the rice to absorb the moisture but more often than not just keeping the devices in a dry space does just as much. In fact, the starch in the rice can cause additional short circuits should it get inside the device.

Water Damage
It’s important that we get inside both the phone and the laptop as soon as possible to clean the motherboard then allow to dry. This process is not guaranteed but must be done as soon as possible once the device takes on water. This gives the device as much chance as possible. In addition, do not try and turn the device back on once this has been done.
Please come on into our Courtenay store and we will get started!

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