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We often get questions sent to regarding a whole range of topics. In this new feature, we will be sharing some of these questions and our responses.

Hi There,

I recently relocated to Campbell River from California. Want to watch General Hospital on my computer via Hulu or however possible. Landlady has no TV service. I have no TV. I have a Mac book air. My landlady has been helped by you and referred me. Can you help me?



Hi Nancy,

You are totally right, a full Virtual Private Network (VPN) is what you need to continue to have access to American Netflix, Hulu and the other services you were used to getting in America that are restricted in Canada.

This ability to “spoof” your location enables you to access services from all around the world. A VPN has the additional benefit of making your browsing private, evade censorship and protect you against hacking or intrusion.

We wrote an article last year on our website about VPN’s along with the one we recommend, Tunnel Bear. If you would like help installing this service please let us know and we can set it up on site with you, or in our store!

Please let me know if I can help further.

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