Over the course of my career here at My Tech Guys, I am often asked what makes us different from other companies. What people are looking for, simply put, is why should they buy from us compared to other stores. I wanted to write an article really detailing what makes us different and how we go about focusing on our Mantra above and being the friendliest geeks in town.

To do this I have broken it down into three categories which I feel results in people not just liking, but loving the service we provide. Just a warning, it gets a little corny.

Focus on Customer Experience

Our process from the ground up is to not only fix a computer quickly and effectively but to provide a warm and fuzzy experience while doing so. The more we use our technology, the more we rely on it. Because of that, when it messes up, it has the power to be confusing, challenging, and infuriating!  We want our customers to feel taken care of when they bring their things to us so our focus puts the customer first. From our detailed sign-in experience to our internal processes, we are as organized as possible so that your tech is tracked, fixed and returned in a timely fashion with your frustrations eleviated and with a smile. This focus even extends to cleaning the computer physically, carrying the device to the car or to arranging a drop off at your house. Of Course, all these processes wouldn’t mean as much without the friendly geeks we have on staff.

Our Team of Friendly Geeks

There are many people who have the skills to fix computers, but what we look for when hiring geeks on to our team is the ability to communicate and solve problems. While Certificates and degrees are an asset we look at, almost anyone can be taught to fix a computer, but only a select few geeks know how to talk through a frustrating computer problem while avoiding the know-it-all-ism that can be prevalent among computer experts.

This focus gives us some of the best and most experienced technicians in the valley. In addition, we keep our geeks friendly by paying them much more than they would earn elsewhere in town with a comprehensive benefits package for their family. Most of our staff have been here for over 5 years and it’s great to form long-lasting relationships with our clients and have them follow up with a familiar face should they have any issues.

Working in the Community

It feels good to give and working with My Tech Guys affords us plenty of opportunities. Serving over 20,000 members of North Vancouver Island gives us plenty of chances to be connected to our community and give back to a place and people that have given us so much. Whether it is donating computers to charity through our recycling program, sending out employees for pro bono work with Habitat for humanity or the CV food bank or giving $5 per computer we sell to the Cumberland Forest or the Kus-Kus-Sum project, each employee is allowed a certain amount of their time to work towards goals they would like to accomplish and people they would like to help. Seeing staff and customers with full hearts makes us feel like we are doing the right thing.

Striving to do better

Saying everything above it is important to not just assume we are doing the best we can. Every Wednesday morning, we close both stores and get our 14 employees in the same room where we discuss the newest tech breakthroughs, problems and solutions that we encounter serving our customers. During this hour and a half team meeting, we have a section focused on what we could be doing better. We probably are able to please 95% of people and focus a lot of time at discussing how we could have done better with the remaining 5%. For us, it’s about offering the best of the best in service, products and experience to keep our customers coming back for more!

From the feedback we get, it seems like its working so thankyou so much for giving us the opportunity to live and work in a place we love!  

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