The Problem – Downtime
Operating a business in the digital age can be a daunting process. The need in business to share files, manage customers data and keep records push businesses into a position of relying on technology to get the job done.
The scary part comes from one terrible word, “Downtime”. Our technical reliance means that when these computers fail, our business can cease to function until a new system is established. This downtime represents a huge loss in earnings and reducing it is paramount to our company and to our peace of mind.
The Solution – MTG MSP
That’s where My Tech Guys Managed Services Program (MTG MSP) comes in.
One of the important products we have been working hard to develop at My Tech Guys is an in-house backup and monitoring platform for our customers. This gives our customers the option to forecast their downtime and plan around it, fixing problems before money is lost.
This package includes live system monitoring from our geeks, security, alerts, patch management, data backup and recovery for many different client devices, such as servers, notebooks, desktops, storage systems, applications, and networks.

How does it work?


A small program is installed on your office computers which report any concerns directly to My Tech Guys. In addition to keeping your systems up to date, a Managed Service Provider monitors your computers and provides alerts when something is wrong – or about to go wrong.
In the old days, systems were checked maybe once a month to make sure everything was good and that computers were not failing. Now we have the tools that can monitor critical functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and system failure for a flat monthly fee, providing predictable expenses rather than suffering a huge surprise bill. 
MTG MSP means your system is less prone to make the kinds of mistakes that lead to, for example, a daylong network outage.  That means fewer problems for your managers to have to fix. Not to mention, less angry coworkers will be walking into their office to complain about missing networks and unresponsive printers. This all allows you to focus on the big picture items while we worry about the little things.
If you own a small or medium business and currently do not have a Managed Services solution in place, call My Tech Guys today on 250-890-1065 and we can book a consultation to outline the benefits and find a solution that works best for you.

In addition to the above pricing, there is a higher tier for server-based systems. A full business site survey is necessary to determine needs.

Let us help you concentrate solely on running your business, with fewer distractions due to IT issues. This program unifies several services we have offered for quite some time and gives us the ability to resolve computer issues before they become obstacles.

Call us now on 250-890-10650 to discuss how to implement MTG MSP in your home or business.

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