March Madness – Laptop Deals

Every so often we get in a model so excellent, we struggle to recommend anything else. Then sometimes, to get it into as many hands as possible, we take $100 off of the price. This month is no exception as we have a deal so good, the ice and snow is melting around our stores as we speak! (it must be the laptop because¬†it’s been cold around here for what seems like forever).

These refurbished HP Elitebooks would have been $2500 or more 4 years ago but have been out on lease. Microsoft takes them back in, recertifies them with a year warranty and sells them at a great discount that we have forwarded to our customers! It wasn’t so long ago that the hard drive of the machine, a 512GB Solid State drive, would have sold for $550 by itself! Pair it with a backlit keyboard, HD screen, 8GB’s of RAM and an i5 processor and you have a deal worth of being called March Madness.

Come get them while stocks last at both of our locations or call on 250-890-1065 to reserve today!

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