“My Mac is doing weird things, but it can’t be malware because Macs don’t get infected.” I’ve heard people say this because they believe their Mac it immune. As much as I wish it were true, I have to tell you this: Macs can get malware.

The Macintosh was introduced in 1984. Because it had a brand new operating system there weren’t many applications available. The number of companies and individuals developing software and hardware began to increase, and over time the number of Mac products grew exponentially.

Microsoft introduced the MS DOS operating system in 1981, and Windows in 1985. Over the years Microsoft acquired a greater market share than the Mac and therefore became a bigger target for those who created malware.

For a long time Mac users enjoyed working with computers where malware was virtually non-existent but now it is more prevalent. Having said that, though, a Mac is not as likely to get infected as a Windows system. Most Mac users don’t even use an anti-virus program.

When it comes right down to it, you the user are the best line of defense for your computer. Once you allow a program to run on a computer, that program will do whatever it is programmed to do. If you don’t believe software comes from a clean and reliable source then don’t run it. Just say no.

There are websites that offer free utilities to clean your system and optimize its performance. There are also websites that give you updates to programs like Adobe Flash Player. Be careful when following these links because they are known to be a fast track to getting your computer infected with malware.

If you think your system is not peforming as well as it should or if you suspect you have malware, feel free to bring it to My Tech Guys and we’ll give it a clean bill of health.

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