Summer is over and autumn is upon us. This means the weather is changing, kids are back at school, and Apple has released a new version of its Macintosh operating system.

The latest release is version 10.15, also known as Catalina. You can upgrade if your Mac is 2012 or newer, however, as with any upgrade there are always challenges when it comes to hardware and software compatibility.

One major change in Catalina is that it only supports 64-bit apps and does allow 32-bit apps to run. This means some third party applications will not work after the upgrade.

To check the apps on your Mac, go to the Apple menu and select About This Mac. Click on the System Report, then scroll down and select Applications. The rightmost column of this report shows 64-bit (Intel) compatibility.

One more thing to remember is that there are other reasons for an app to stop working. A 64-bit app might still run on the new operating system but that doesn’t mean it will work the way it should. The best way to check software’s compatibility is to refer to the manufacturer’s website to see if it will work under Catalina.

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