Internet explorer at risk!?

Microsoft recently released an emergency security update for Internet Explorer, its quintessential web browser. After a major flaw was discovered that could enable third parties to take control of entire systems remotely without consent. It impacts versions of Internet Explorer from 9 to 11, on systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10. So if you use Internet Explorer, be sure to download and install Windows updates.

But that invites the question: should you still be using Internet Explorer?

While some businesses that depend on legacy Microsoft technologies must use Internet Explorer, My Tech Guys recommends Google Chrome, the Google web browser, for all other purposes.

Chrome is great for when you use more than one computer. Simply by logging into your google account and clicking on “Turn on sync” you will be able to bring all of your bookmarks, extensions and google applications to any computer you use. This pairs excellently with extensions like LastPass or 1Password to save your account credentials  and then be able to log in to any site any time from any computer.

Speaking of extensions, there are plenty to choose from and they allow you to change the way that websites work to make everything safer, more convenient, or more fun to use.

  • Ublock Origin will block all adverisements, even the ones on youtube! This is not only convenient but also a genuinely helpful security precaution as even trusted websites like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have allowed malicious ads to appear on their pages.
  • LastPass is a great application for keeping track of passwords and making sure that they are just complicated enough. It works by creating large and complex passwords that are kept in an account and accessed through a more simple password of your choosing.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop is a useful extension for connecting to another computer. It’s great if you are on your laptop and need to quickly access your home computer at a workshop or while on vacation.

The advantages of Chrome include the ability to install useful extensions (such as advertisement blockers) and the ability to synchronize usernames and passwords to a single Google account.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can help smooth the transition to a modern web browser.

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