If you have been following the news in the last month regarding the ominously named Specter and Meltdown exploits in Intel and AMD chips, then you may be quite worried. Articles have circulated the web and news networks have picked up on the vulnerability in the design of these chips present in phones, tablets, and computers over the past 5 years.

The long and short of it is that yes there has been a deep fatal flaw found in these chips, but also, that it is extremely difficult to take advantage of. The fact that the chip manufacturers were the first one to find out means that they have liaised with the makers of various operating systems and updates have already been rolled out to patch these vulnerabilities.

These patches like any other update can end up damaging your computer but updates are important to close these vulnerabilities and the danger is really part of the process. Not only has there not so far been a case of the exploit being actually used but these updates should close any “back door” a hacker has into your system. Like always, My Tech Guys recommend running the update and watching this space. We will post here should any evidence of exploits being leveraged come to light and also provide steps and remedies at that stage.

Despite the harrowing names, Specter and Meltdown are nothing to worry about. Like it or not, having a computer and using it to store information and run our lives does come with the price of staying vigilant and taking good care of them. As always if you have any concerns please bring your computer into either of our stores or book a home service tech to come out to your address.

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