The My Tech Guys Homestart

Let’s say you have used your existing computer for years but it starts to become tired, sluggish and lack the pop of a new device. We all become attached to our computers and although difficult, you have made the decision to replace it with new. The friendly techs in our store have found one right for you and completed the data transfer and you are ready to take your computer to its new home for setup. 

You get home and none of the cables you have seem to fit into the new machine. If they do, then your mouse doesn’t work, and the email program you had on your old one has been replaced with new! AND YOU CAN’T CONNECT TO WIFI! 

Buying a new computer shouldn’t be stressful, but it certainly can be. That’s where My Tech Guys and our Homestart service comes in.

Unpack and assemble your newly purchased system

Whether or not you bought it from us, our Homestart service means we will come to your address for an hour and a half to help set up your new computer. This started with taking everything out of the packages, making sure it’s plugged in, wired and velcroed to hide the cables as much as possible and get things set up in the location of your choice. So our hardware is looking great in its new home. Now it’s time for Software.

Install, Configure and test all your peripheral devices

Once we have loaded your operating system, we install all of the peripheral devices you have in your home. This includes making sure your speaker system, mice, headphones, keyboard, external Hard Drive, Cameras and really any other USB devices you may want to plug into your device are working correctly with the new system. There is nothing worse than feeling like your upgraded system isn’t as useful as your old one and our install process makes sure things are working from the start!

Transfer your Documents, Photos, music and desired software

What about all the precious files on your old system? Part of getting you fully set up with your new machine includes getting all the useful information from the old machine on the new one.  If you have a large volume of files (we can check for you) that would take a long time, we can even get that done for you in store ahead of time. Get set up with the programs you need to make the transition seamless.

Setup Internet, Email and Home Network

Now that your software is sorted, let’s make sure your computer is able to talk to the other devices in the house and beyond! We can make sure to connect and test your network speed (to help make sure you are getting what you pay for), sync your other devices with your computers over the network and make sure your email is bulletproof before we leave. Making sure all the hardware and software works is important as is your ease in using your new device!

Answer Questions and show you tips and tricks

One of the awesome benefits of a home start is just having a qualified tech in your home can pay dividends. We can recommend the best programs and processes to use no matter what you use your computer for. Having a tech nearby means that during the setup and configuring of your computer, we can answer any questions you have about your computer or its use. We love teaching people how to get the most out of their technology! 

Homestarts are $129.99 for over $150 of value

We have technicians standing by, ready to be scheduled for Homestarts now! Whether you buy one of the excellent computers we already sell or find a deal elsewhere, having our local, friendly and professional technicians in-home to set it up will save money and stress. 

Call us today on 250-890-1065 to book your Homestart or come into one of our stores to learn more! 



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