Gmail is an email service that was developed by Google. Back in 2004 Gmail was introduced as a beta release, and its testing phase ended in 2009. Originally each Gmail user had one gigabyte of storage; now Gmail accounts have 15 gigabytes each.

What are the reasons to get a Gmail account?

Well for one thing, it’s free. You can have 15 gigabytes of storage for your mail account and it won’t cost you anything. What a deal!

Also, Gmail accounts are IMAP. This means the mail is stored on Google’s servers, and can be accessed from any computer on the internet.

As well as an amazing email solution, your Gmail account comes with Gsuite. This is a collection of apps which includes a word processor, spreadsheet, a calendar and Google cloud storage.

Your Gmail address is yours for life. You can switch from one internet provider to another and your email address doesn’t change. No more notifying all of your contacts that you have a new email address. And if you have mail with a provider like Shaw, Telus or Hotmail, you can have your mail forwarded to a Gmail address so all of your mail arrives in one place.

If you want something more than free, there are some perks you get when you pay for a business account. These include 30 gigabytes of storage per account; integration with your domain name; the ability to sync your email, contacts and calendars with Outlook; and telephone tech support.

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