Bad chargers across Canada

If things are too cheap, you should be suspicious. When it comes to electronics, you should be careful!

Bad Chargers

Do you ever look around at all of the incredible devices we have at hand and marvel? In the space of a couple of decades, technology has jumped ahead in such a rapid way that we are constantly adjusting to new norms. During this time devices have gotten smaller and more portable and the lithium batteries more advanced.

In our article The importance of using quality charging cables and power bricks, we talked about why we sell the products we sell. Good quality cables charge about 6 times faster than ones bought at a dollar store, and the latter typically do not push a very good amperage over the cable.

The Danger

Power devices such as cables and bricks are doing a difficult job. They may receive dirty power that stresses components. They heat up and cool down each time you use them. Internal parts may corrode. The issue with inexpensive components tends to be the corners cut in manufacturing make them borderline dangerous. Power devices can and do, catch fire

Recently, CTV news reported on a Government of Canada recall on dozens of recalled power devices from gas stations, dollar stores, and low-cost outlets around Canada that have had a dangerous track record and “pose an unacceptable risk of electric shock and fire and are being recalled”. Read the whole CTV article here.

My Tech Guys

We go to great lengths to not only to sell high-quality items but also to test our components, computers, and cables before we sell them. We really try and treat everyone like family, and as such we make sure devices are safe, reliable and guaranteed!

Any other questions you may have regarding devices currently in your home or keeping your home safe, contact us today! 

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