When you’re looking for information about something, what do you do? Maybe you missed a news story, or want to find out some facts on a topic. Do you thumb through the pages of your encyclopedias hoping to find an article that’s not out of date? Or do you Google it?

There are billions of web pages with information on virtually any topic and all you have to do is type into a Google search field. It sounds simple, yet your result can result in thousands of pages to sort through.

Here are a few useful things to know when using Google:

  • Google search fields are not case sensitive, so don’t worry about proper capitalization.
  • Google knows how words are spelled so don’t worry about spelling correctly.
  • Google overlooks words like “the” and “it” and “I” so just type in the key words.

There are ways to narrow down your search so you get more relevant results more quickly.

  • Put quotation marks around words and proper name to look for that exact wording.
  • Use a plus sign to look for pages that contain a particular word.
  • Use a minus sign to eliminate pages that contain a specific word.

Follow these tips and you can become a smarter Googler.

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