Back to work or back to school

There is nothing quite like a new computer. An old computer is like an old friend, trusted, reliable and stalwart. You know their faults, quirks and strengths and remember the good times. If you will let me wax lyrical for a moment, a new computer provides a breath of life into your work or school day. Booting up in 10 seconds means you no longer need to make a cup of coffee before it turns on. As soon as people get used to a faster experience they don’t really know how they ever settled for less! 

What a difference an SSD makes

One large upgrade of many new computers is a Solid State Drive (SSD). Unlike older spinning mechanical hard drives, an SSD contains no moving parts and operates on average about 10 times faster! In addition, SSD’s are far more reliable coming with a stock 3 to 5 year warranty, rather than the average of 1 year coverage on a spinning hard drive. At My Tech Guys we want to future proof our customers as much as possible and the majourity of computers we have on display and sell have an SSD installed making them lightning quick. We do the legwork only selling fast models to help ensure you get the best bang for your buck and this month with $50 off all PC Laptop models, we are sure you will find something you’ll like!

$50 off Laptops all August

Come into our Courtenay or Comox locations to see what we have on demo and set yourself or your loved one up for the coming year ahead!

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