It’s not creative, but it is better
The next big update to Windows 10 is upon us: Windows 10 version 1703, known as the Creators Update is rolling out to all Windows 10 computers near you. When the popups first started back in April you could almost hear the sound of a million people rolling their eyes.
Windows seriously eroded it’s goodwill with the forced updates to windows 7 and 8 to 10 last year and the current spat of popups asking for people to choose some options for the upgrade certainly have people on the back foot.
The update features many small updates including new 3D paint, Microsoft Edge updates, Night Shift colour options, graphics enhancements and a whole lot more. Even so, the question remains on many people’s minds, Should I upgrade?
The answer is Yes.

Creators Update has plenty of real improvements. The Edge browser, Cortana personal assistant, and other built-in apps are better. Usability is improved. Pro and Enterprise users gain the ability to throttle back forced patching using a (more or less) readily accessible pane in Settings. Enterprises will like the improvements to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which include the ability to isolate compromised machines, block suspicious behaviors, and provide secure access to work documents from personal mobile devices.

In short, Creators Update is an improvement over Anniversary Update. Who knows? It might even offer smoother sailing for eager adopters than its predecessor.

There is always a risk with updating an operating system but we feel that this time the benefits outweigh the risks. There is no need to search the update out as when your computer is ready it will prompt you to edit the settings and proceed with the install. If the workstation belongs to a business, I would recommend installing the update the last thing in the evening but otherwise this one is good to go!

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