Halloween Parade in Comox

Comox Halloween Parade is Oct 31 from 4:30 - 6pm

Make sure to stop by My Tech Guys at 1812 Comox Ave to get your



2014 Halloween JibJab

Vote Bob Wells Campaign Launch

altMy Tech Guys owner and "Extreme Geek" Bob Wells has thrown his hat into the political ring, announcing he is running for Courtenay City Council.  When asked for comment Bob responded, "I've been planning to get back into politics, but the City sueing Maple Pool to evict its residents forced me to act now.  This is a defining moment in our City's history and action must be taken now to stop the lawsuit so that a real solution can be worked towards in partnership with all stakeholders."

Upon arriving in Courtenay in 2003, Bob joined the Strathcona Sunrise Rotary Club where he became the Youth Exchange Office in charge of Rotary's International Youth Exchange programme for the club.  As president in 2010 he commisioned a Vissioning workshop so the club could create a 5 year plan. He also donated $10,000 to the Hospice Society, $5000 to YANA for Jeneece Pl, and $1000 for Rotoplast amongst others.  Bob also Live Streams the Child Development Telethon as well as Federal, Provincial and Municipal candidate debates, allowing a larger audience the opportunity to watch events they are not able to attend.  He worked hard to make sure the 2013 Air Show could happen, providing laptops and technical expertise to get Fibre Optic connections to the runway.

Bob has been recognized as one of BC's Top 40 under 40 leaders for his professional and volunteer work.  His company My Tech Guys has also won several awards including the Comox Valley Small Business of the Year and BC's Fastest Growing Company.  "I'm actually most proud of the 6 times we have won local parades.  My focus is to have a very positive, proactive culture in our company and it really shows.", says Bob.

I am confident my experience, passion and energy makes me the best candidate for Courtenay City Council.  I have a proven record of successful leadership and working towards a better community.  If you agree, please support me and Vote on November 15 or at Advanced Polls / Mail In Ballot. 

FMI go to or call 250-792-1945

Rotary Poker Tournament Oct 18

Rotary Poker Tournament Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 13 and Jan 17

Call Keith at 250-334-4722 to Register


Tech Talks

My Tech Guys now offers group seminars on a wide range of topics.  Sessions are $20.00.  They are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 from Oct 1st to Dec 3 at our Courtenay Store. 

Classes are booking up fast so if you would like to register Call Richard Caissie at 250-338-4411.

See below for a detailed list of Tech Talks

Tech Talk Overview:

October 22nd.        Apple iOS and Android Devices

What are the differences between iPads and Android devices and which one is right for you.

October 29th.    iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad and iPod
Learn about Apples new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod

November 5th.   Media Streaming:
What is Media Streaming. Learn about Netflix, Youtube, iTunes, NHL Game Centre and more.

November 12th.   Home Sharing:
What is Home Sharing. How can I use it in my life to make life better.

November 19th.    Social Networking:
What is Social Networking and why is it important. How is it changing our world. Discuss how it can be helpful to you.

November 26th.     Computer Security:
Learn how to protect yourself from malicious software, scams and identity theft.

December 3rd.      Tech Talks Overview

Rotary Youth Exchange Opportunity

Rotary Youth Exchange, an amazing program that takes students and send them to other countries to live for up to a year where they stay with families and go to school.  A great way to travel and learn a new language and truly become part of the country you go to.  For a list of countries we exchange with click here.

Contact Bob Wells at 250-792-1945 if you are interested in Rotary Youth Exchange.

Windstorm Sparks Massive Power Outages

 After all the phone calls we have received on our emergency line due to the  windstorms I thought I should send along a few tips for people during this windy season. 

After every power outage we see a large increase in dead computers as well as other electronic equipment such as routers, printers, TVs and home theatre components.  Electronic equipment can easily be replaced after it has been fried, but data on computers is sometimes lost - which can include family pictures, documents and even business information. Lost data causes the most stress, as years of photos disappearing can erase the only record of many precious moments or business data affecting accounting and customer information.  Recovering data from dead hard drives can be time consuming and expensive.

Here are some useful tips to protect your valued equipment and data:

Friendly Reminder Program and Backup Monitoring

What is the Friendly Reminder Program?

Well, it is a preventative maintainence program designed to add longevity to your computer system.  This can be done in 2 ways:

1) REMOTELY: Call you and connect into your computer to update your software for security, check on your security protection and backups, check for errors, and cleanup unneeded programs running on your computer.

2) ONSITE: Come to you and dust out and physically examine your computer, check for failing hard drive, update your software for security, check on your security protection and backups, check for errors, and cleanup unneeded programs running on your computer. (This option can also be done in-store)

The program is free to join and you will get a friendly reminder phone call in 6 month intervals for the option to have a cleaning.

We also offer a Backup Monitoring Service to ensure your information is backing up properly and a notifiction will be forwarded on to you if maintainence is required.  This is an annual paid service of $50.00 for a single computer or $100.00 for multiple computers.


Most of us are familiar with the little pop-ups we get asking us to install updates.  While they only take a few minutes to complete, many of us are guilty of postponing them or just ignoring them completely. But keeping up with these computer updates is actually very important when it comes to having a healthy and secure computer. These updates are just as important as having an anti-virus program.

One of the biggest and most important reasons keeping up with computer updates is so important is the fact that they help to keep our computer secure.  While they may not directly say so, a lot of these updates have to do with updating our security software aaltnd ensuring our computers are kept safe from any possible threats.  Not updating or postponing these security updates can leave your computer vulnerable to things such as malware or computer viruses that can go in and steal important information.

Some of the most common updates are:

  • Windows or Apple OS updates
  • Java
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quick Time 
  • iTunes

If you have any questions or feel its been awhile since you've done any updates,  

call us and book a service call or remote service call 250-338-4411