Asus Back-2-School Special - $479.99

Back to School - Start the year with the right tools!

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My Tech Guys is proud to announce its Back-2-School campaign for 2015, which features a summer jam-packed with special deals, and promotions designed to help equip students for the upcoming school year.

"Helping students of all ages properly equip themselves for the coming school year is very important to My Tech Guys, and such we are able to offer Great reliable Asus laptops for under $500. We even have models that have been donated for use at Musicfest and the Comox Valley Airshow for sale. These nearly new laptops have an additional $20 discount, and come with a free laptop bag and wired mouse - a $75 value. All come with a full warranty and have been updated with the latest version of Windows 7 with an optional Windows 10 upgrade available!" says Brian Bailey, the Climbing Geek

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RAISED $600 for YANA - Island MusicFest 2015 Charging Tent

My Tech Guys are proud to announce we raised over $600 at our charging tent at Island MusicFest for YANA (You Are Not Alone).

We have been raising money for YANA whenever possible but the Charging Tent and Island MusicFest is by far the most successful  People are incouraged to donate but there is no requirement, but when they find out what YANA is and what they do, everyone donates!! 

Its been so successful that My Tech Guys has created a sign to say that charging is by donation and we have a spot to say for which organization we are raising it for.


2015 Comox Air Show
My Tech Guys are proud to be Platinum sponsor for the 2015 Comox Air Show.

As a kid I remember going to the Abottsford Airshow and have always been a big fan of planes.  As a 12 year old I was able to go for a ride in an Ultralight Plane with a Canadian Airforce Instructor, doing rolls and dives and even stalling the engine and we were not able to restart it in the air and had to land with a dead stick.  

Well this years Comox Air Show was the best ever!! Lots of great acts from skywalkers, vintage planes, glider ballet, the Skyhawks, CF18 Demo, and of course the Snowbirds kept the audience going all day.  There were also static displays of various aircraft, military and civilian vehicles as well.  The performers also signed autographs with line-ups that went on for hours!!! 

Thanks again to Shaw Business for providing Internet for the gates and Shaw GO, to for their great ticketing system and all the Canadian Forces men and women we worked with to make it all happen. 

A special thanks to The Canadian Forces Skyhawks skydiving team for taking me for a quick jump before the Comox Airshow.  It was an amazing and I feel honoured and privileged to have been able to go with you.You can watch the video below.


Smartphone Charging Tent @ Atmosphere Gathering

The My Tech Guys crew danced up a storm at this years 2015 Atmosphere Gathering Festival and we also  manned the Smartphone Charging tent for all your charging needs.

The MTG family happily charged your iPhone, Android tablets, laptops, iPods, etc by donation to a great local charity and for this festival it will be Cumberland Forest


We raised over $600 for Y.A.N.A. at this year's 2015 Vancouver Island MusicFest.

2015 Canada Day Parade Winners!!!

2015 Canada Day Parade Win

Beware Windows 10 Upgrade Pop-Ups


If you are lucky like me you got a cool pop up this morning telling you about the Windows 10 release. We are excited about the release of Windows 10 that will happen on July 29, 2015. But beware, we are geeks that have fun messing up our computers with new operating systems, but most people will find it a bit disorienting and possibly frustrating if their operating system suddenly changed.  And thats only if it works properly.  Operating system updates are major changes and we highly recommend making sure you have a very good backup prior to updating.  It is not always as easy as 1, 2, 3  :-)

Click Here for Windows 10 FAQ

If you have already agreed to the upgrade and sent in your email address, just remember to be extra super cautious when it pops up July 29th to install.


For more information please call 250-338-4411.


Most of us are familiar with the little pop-ups we get asking us to install updates.  While they only take a few minutes to complete, many of us are guilty of postponing them or just ignoring them completely. But keeping up with these computer updates is actually very important when it comes to having a healthy and secure computer. These updates are just as important as having an anti-virus program.

One of the biggest and most important reasons keeping up with computer updates is so important is the fact that they help to keep our computer secure.  While they may not directly say so, a lot of these updates have to do with updating our security software aaltnd ensuring our computers are kept safe from any possible threats.  Not updating or postponing these security updates can leave your computer vulnerable to things such as malware or computer viruses that can go in and steal important information.

Some of the most common updates are:

  • Windows or Apple OS updates
  • Java
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quick Time 
  • iTunes

If you have any questions or feel its been awhile since you've done any updates,  

call us and book a service call or remote service call 250-338-4411