We're BACK!!!!

After a super crazy, hectic and stressful few months we're getting our newsletter out again.

Back in April owner Bob Wells was in a Motorcycle accident that totaled the bike, but luckily left him with a sprained wrist, scraped up leg and off work for a couple weeks while he recovered.

Then in June Bob's oldest son Connor was emergency airlifted from Cortes Island to Victoria for a suspected accute appendicitis (something Bob had last September).  It ended up not being an appendicitis, but surgery was still required.  Bob stayed with Connor while he was in emergency and Jeneece place for his surgery.  Bob and Connor were able to work at Jeneece Place as some of the TVs had stopped working properly, but they got them up and running in no time.  Connor is now recovering well on Cortes Island with his grandparents.  Of course he also has a cool story about his helicopter ride!!!  Thanks to YANA for their support. alt

With all this going on we were still able to get ready for the Canada Day Parade and won Best Themed Float!!!

Thanks for all your patience and support. 
The My Tech Guys Team

MusicFest Charging Tent and WiFi

My Tech Guys are proud to be sponsoring MusicFest 2014.  We provide all the laptops for the gates as well as networking services to make sure that the gates and volunteers have access to the Internet. 

We also have our AWESOME charging tent with MTG Geeks volunteering their time to keep festival attendees and volunteers smart phones charged up all weekend.  Donations go to YANA again this year.

If you are at MusicFest and are having any tech issues feel free to pop over and visit the geeks. 

Thanks to Shaw for providing the Internet connections for the gates as well as stepping up to provide both Shaw Open WiFi for Shaw customers and Shaw Guest WiFi for non Shaw customers (or those that don't remember their email passwords to login). 

MTG Wins 2014 Best Themed Float

MTG Wins 2014 Best Themed Float for the Canada Day Parade, pushing their total wins at Comox Valley Parades to over 7!!!


More Pics are Here

MTG Cell Phone Repair

My Tech Guys are excited to announce that our two Smart Phone techs, Shane Colclough and Richard Caissie have completed the Smart Phone Repair course in Vancouver.  We've been fixing phones since 2010, but this course certifies our techs for fixing smart phones and helped get them familiar with aspects of cell technology that can only be taught in a classroom.  With tonnes of hands on work, it enhanced their ability for unlocking and rooting phones with comprehensive knowledge of complex software solutions. 

So if you have broken screens, dead batteries, need data recovered, software re-installed or just want some Smart Phone training and assistance, please call our Courtenay Store at 250-338-4411 and chat with Shane or Richard.


HeartBleed Bug

altAlthough it has been a few months since Heartbleed exploded onto the news as the bug that made it easily possible for people to hack servers to retrieve passwords.  The simplicity of the bug, and the fact it went years without being noticed by the security community tasked to maje sure it was secure, has reassured us in our recommendations for customer passwords.  The vast majority of the time individual customer accounts are not hacked on servers, it is the servers themselves that get hacked. 

The BEST way to make sure you credit card and bank accounts (and any others linked to them) are not hacked is very boring - simply look over your statements every month and look for charges that stand out as ones you have not made.  Heartbleed showed that no matter how difficult your password was, it could be hacked.  And changing your password before servers were patched was also futile protecting your accounts. 

Although it may make some people feel more secure having extremely complex passwords they change frequently the fact is that it is usually not human friendly to do this and if it is the server being hacked into directly it is a lot of effort without the benefit of being effective. 

There are many simple tricks you can use to create a very secure password that is easy to remember, but instead of channging your password every month we recommend taking that time and check all your statements to make sure nothing stands out as charges you have not made.  It may not seem as simple as changing your password, but in the long run you may find some interesting things.  Several times I have found the credit card companies charging insurance fees or Telus charging for accounts I do not have so it is worth keeping an eye on it.

If you have any concerns or questions please call us at 250-890-1065

CYMC Support


My Tech Guys are proud to be sponsoring CYMC again this year.  This is BCs longest running  summer music camp and has resulted in countless students going on to make music a lifelong career.  The Music Camp is unique in offering Classical, Jazz and Musical Theatre courses and boasts several performances for our community to enjoy.

Click here for the entire schedule or to buy tickets for Thoroughly Modern Millie.


Most of us are familiar with the little pop-ups we get asking us to install updates.  While they only take a few minutes to complete, many of us are guilty of postponing them or just ignoring them completely. But keeping up with these computer updates is actually very important when it comes to having a healthy and secure computer. These updates are just as important as having an anti-virus program.

One of the biggest and most important reasons keeping up with computer updates is so important is the fact that they help to keep our computer secure.  While they may not directly say so, a lot of these updates have to do with updating our security software aaltnd ensuring our computers are kept safe from any possible threats.  Not updating or postponing these security updates can leave your computer vulnerable to things such as malware or computer viruses that can go in and steal important information.

Some of the most common updates are:

  • Windows or Apple OS updates
  • Java
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quick Time 
  • iTunes

If you have any questions or feel its been awhile since you've done any updates,  

call us and book a service call or remote service call 250-338-4411