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Annual Spring Cleaning in April

For the month of April My Tech Guys is

offering a Computer Spring Cleaning Special

1 1/2 hours in-home or in-office for only $129.99

Have our Friendly Apple and PC Geeks help you Spring into summer!!!


  • Backups
  • Dust Bunnies
  • Security Audit
  • Software Updates
  • Lessons, Tips & Tricks
  • Check UPS and Surge Bars
  • Get Gadgets Ready for Summer


Call 250-890-1065 and Book Today !!!

The End of XP is April 8th

On April 8th Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP.

It is with a heavy heart and much gratitude that we must (begin to) say goodbye to Windows XP, arguably one of the best operating systems Microsoft ever created.  It has served us well for over a dozen years but due to Microsofts needing to have us buy a newer operating system they will not longer provide security updates, and those using Microsoft Security Essentials will not longer recieve updates to the antivirus engine, only to the Anti-virus updates until July 2015.

What does this mean to you?  Well if you are a home user and have never called Microsoft for support maybe not that much.   On April 8th support will end from Microsoft and no security updates will be made available from them, but on April 9th it will still turn on and run.  If you have updated WIndows XP to the latest security updates you will now get an annoying pop-up telling you to upgrade as it is no longer supported.  Does this mean that computer Super Villans will create viruses as soon as support runs out?  My gut says probably not, but who really knows?

If you are a business it could be more serious.  If you computer processes credit card transactions the PCI Security Standards Council (Banks and Credit Card companies) has issued strong warnings that if your computer is running Windows XP and credit card info is stolen you may be liable for any losses.  And if you house any personal information on your computers you may be equally at risk if that information is harvested by bad people.

What to do?  For home users you have the luxury to possibly wait and see.  My Tech Guys will continue to support Windows XP as long as we can.  Users may create their own security updates Black Market.  Whether you are running Windows XP, the latest OS or even a Mac we always tell people to back up their data.  If something bad happens it will be the data that is truly valuable.  If you are a business, you need to think about upgrading ASAP.

Don't want Windows 8?  Don't worry.  My Tech Guys and many other local computer companies still offer Windows 7 which we consider to be much more user friendly.  And if you have already bought Windows 8 but refer to it as "Windows H8", we can modify it so that it runs much more like Windows 7 and by-passes the annoying Metro interface.

For more info please call 250-890-1065.

Denman Island PC Cleaning Day April 12

For years the staff of My Tech Guys have enjoyed supporting customers from Denman Island from the comfort of our Comox and Courtenay stores but have longed for the ability to reach out and help in their own community.  On April 12, My Tech Guys will be on Denman Island at the Denman Island Community School from 10am to 3pm to offer FREE cleaning of Killer Dust Bunnies.  We will also have two interactive workshops during the day, the first at 11am and the second at 1pm.

Xplornet has offered to give us an Internet Connection for the day so that we can also download computer updates, anti-virus programs and free software.

10am - Begin Killing Dust Bunnies

11am - The Cloud Tech Talk: How you are already using it, and how to use it smarter

1pm - Computer Security Tech Talk: P@$$words, online banking and Windows XP

For more information please call 250-338-4411.

2014 YANA Auction Raised $63,800

Just a reminder that April 26th will be the Kids Clutter Sale that helps support YANA at the Courtenay Legion.  For more info click here.

For more information about YANA and how you can help, head over to

Bob Wells Attends University for Peace

altSome might find it strange that a life long dream for Bob Wells was to visit the University for Peace in Costa Rica.However, before becoming a computer geek Bob volunteered for many orgnaizations in Salmon Arm including Cascadia Quest, Salmon River Watershed Roundtable, Community Alternative Measures Program (Restorative Justice), and Big Brothers just ot name a few. 

At the age of nineteen Bob met Dorothy Argent and Neils Christiansen who introduced him to many social and environmental organizations and ecouraged him to attend workshops designed to change the world.   Dorothy and Neils were instrumental in getting Bob to run for City Council in 1993 at the ripe old age of 19, then helped with the formation of Bob's first real company the Silicon Garden Computer Co-op. After moving to the Comox Valley Bob would visit Dorothy and Neils every year or so in Salmon Arm, but with kids and work the visits became less frequent. 

Then around New Years Bob noticed a link on his facebook page to the Institue of Global Education Conference in Costa Rica.  "It was amazing to see that there was a conference happening in Costa Rica and that it was being organized by my friends.  My wife and i had already decided to visit Costa Rica this year and now we had even more reason to." says Bob.  

The conference had many amazing speakers discussing the road to peace and barriers we all face. 

Institute of Global Education Conference in Costa Rica.  alt

Tech Talks

Join us for informative seminars on a range of computer topics. 

Sessions are $20.00 or $150.00 for the 10 session series They are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 starting January 29th until April 2nd at our COurtenay store at 5-2401 Cliffe Ave.

There will be a hand out and question and answer period during each session.  

Call 250-338-4411 today to book your spot.

February 19th.       Apple iOS and Android Devices

What are the differences between iPads and Android devices and which one is right for you?

February 26th.       iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Learn about Apples new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod

March 5th.          Media Streaming:

What is Media Streaming? Learn about Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, NHL Game Centre and more.

March 12th.               Home Sharing:

What is Home Sharing. How can I use it in my life to make life better.

March 19th.              Social Networking:

What is Social Networking and why is it important? How is it changing our world? Discuss how it can be helpful to you.

March 26th.                Computer Security:

Learn how to protect yourself from malicious software, scams and identity theft.

April 2nd.               Tech Talks Overview

A review of all the topics covered previous 9 sessions.


Most of us are familiar with the little pop-ups we get asking us to install updates.  While they only take a few minutes to complete, many of us are guilty of postponing them or just ignoring them completely. But keeping up with these computer updates is actually very important when it comes to having a healthy and secure computer. These updates are just as important as having an anti-virus program.

One of the biggest and most important reasons keeping up with computer updates is so important is the fact that they help to keep our computer secure.  While they may not directly say so, a lot of these updates have to do with updating our security software aaltnd ensuring our computers are kept safe from any possible threats.  Not updating or postponing these security updates can leave your computer vulnerable to things such as malware or computer viruses that can go in and steal important information.

Some of the most common updates are:

  • Windows or Apple OS updates
  • Java
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quick Time 
  • iTunes

If you have any questions or feel its been awhile since you've done any updates,  

call us and book a service call or remote service call 250-338-4411