Thousands of people in Canada and the U.S. who were tricked from the Western Union money transfer scams can now apply to get their money back!

In a settlement reached earlier this year, Western Union has agreed to pay $586 million USD in refunds to people who were conned into using the financial services company to pay scammers.

In a statement, the FTC said a wide variety of scams may be covered by this settlement, this list includes, online or internet purchasing, lottery or prize promotion, emergency or grandparent, advance-fee loan, online dating or romance.

What you need to do to get your Western Union Refund

This link will take you to an American government site where you can download or fill out the Petition for Remission Submission form online. They have extended the deadline to May, 31, 2018.

Make sure you have all documents leading to when the scam took place and how much was spent. Going through the submission form it asks you upload all documents that will support your claim. They also ask for a Western Union Money Transfer control number (MTCN) which will be located on your receipt for when money was sent.

Over the years we have heard from many local victims, many of whom could not afford to lose the money taken from them within these scams. Seniors, newcomers, students or people in more susceptible areas of society who don’t have the means or the resources are more vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. Generally, if you are contacted by someone over the phone or your computer and they want to either remotely connect to your computer or ask you for money, take their details, tell them you will call back, and call us instead on 250-890-1065.

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