In the last couple of days we received some bad news. Crashplan, the best, free backup program available, is stopping it’s free local backup services and focusing on online offerings. A buyout by a bigger company means they are looking to put everyone onto a paid model. As the best option out there, My Tech Guys have been recommending Crashplan for years so this is definately a shakeup for our customers.

The good news? The free service will not stop until October 2018 so we have some time to really get our teeth into some alternatives.

The alternatives

In terms of free alternatives I won’t go into the weeds as we are looking into several options. All of the options come with positives and negitives and we are investigating and testing them until we find one that can equal the older, crashplan offering.

The paid alternatives are leigion and for now include the Crashplan paid option as well. In addition to this we are developing a My Tech Guys backup option.

Watch this space guys! Our customers trust is paramount to us so we want to review all the options before making an informed decision. We will be advertising in our newsletter and placing calls to our external hard drive sales as soon as we know, which will be well before the October 2018 deadline.

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