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If you want to learn in a group about topics such as computer security, iPad operation or tips on safe web browsing, then you have come to the right place! Our Tech Talk series covers a range of topics branching all around the technical spectrum in a friendly classroom environment. The Tech Talks run as a series of 10 different lessons that you can sign up as a package or just for the lessons of which you need the most! Call us today for more: 250-890-1065

Cloud Computing
April 12th 
In the first session, we’ll take a look at cloud computing. You’ll never have to worry about being away from your computer, because if it’s on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere! Google Drive, GMail, Google Calendars Dropbox and iCloud will all be covered, among other cloud services.
Computer Security and Backups
April 19th 
Learn how to protect yourself from computer viruses, malicious internet scams, failed hard drives and more. We’ll dive into how you can take proper care of your computer and create safeguards in case the worst happens.
Media Streaming
April 26th 
Your friends and family may have bragged to you about having ditched their cable boxes and CD collections. With Netflix, Spotify and dozens of other online services offering media for free, it’s easy to understand why. Join us as we show you how to transform your computer into a TV, movie theatre, personal radio station and more.
Social Networking
May 3rd 
You probably already use Facebook, or twitter, but these platforms have lots of possibilities, and odds are they have features you might love- but don’t know exist yet! We’ll cover the basics as well as lesser-known functions for those interested. Come learn how to truly stay connected in the digital age!
iOS Devices
May 10th 
Ever wondered how come your iPhone doesn’t “do that?” Well, it probably can. Learn the basics of iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as helpful tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your device.
Android Devices
May 17th
With dozens of phone manufacturers, each with unique features, functions and apps, learning the Android OS for smartphones can be a bit overwhelming. But you’ll be surprised at how intuitive it is once the basics are covered. There is very little you cannot do on Android!
Apple vs PC
May 24th
It’s a battle that dates back almost to the dawn of personal computers themselves. We can’t promise a definitive answer about which is better, but we will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each- and help you decide which is best for you.
Home Ecosystems
May 31st
You may have a tablet, a phone, a computer, a smart TV or even all of the above! While these devices can simplify and streamline your home setup, if they aren’t talking to each other, they often complicate things more than they help. Join us as we show you how to get all your devices on the same page, so your home computing experience is as easy as possible!
Review and Gradution Ceremony
June 7th 
In the last session, we’ll recap the important topics we covered, answer any lingering question you may have, and celebrate your graduation and newfound knowledge! We’re not saying there will be cake, but we’re not saying there won’t be.


Friendly In Home Service

Would you like a more comfortable hands-on approach while tackling some technical unknowns? If so then our in home tech lessons are perfect. We sent a certified technician out to your house to solve your problems on the ground while teaching you how to solve the issues yourself!
This can include a large array of topics from iPad use to printer use and setup to photo manipulation and the list goes on!  We recommend making a list of your questions before arriving to get the most out of your time. Call us now for more information or to book your in home lesson today.

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Friendly in Store Service

Get out of the house and come see us in our environment. Our friendly geeks will sit with you install with your laptop or desktop and tackle your computer maladys face to screen. Coming in at half the price of an in-home lesson, this option is great to get the questions you have answered before committing to an in home lesson. At this price, you may as well book two back to back! We recommend making a list of your questions before arriving to get the most out of your time. Call us today to book.