We all want to get value for money.

Here at My Tech Guys we believe in offering the highest quality goods we can. Because of this we do something no other suppliers do on all PC’s we sell. We break the seal and start them up to perform a process that we call an My Tech Guys (MTG) Pre-start along with providing an hour free lesson to get you used to your device.

Why do we do this? Well I’m glad you asked:

Weeding out the bad

Firstly even the best brands sell a dud every now and then. Laptops and Desktops in the current marketplace will often have defects right out of the box at a rate of about 1 in 10. Rather than pass these on to our customers, each system sold by My Tech Guys is opened and tested out of the box so you can be assured the hardware works and works correctly.


Most computers for sale were made several years prior and went through an elaborate journey before ending up in your hands. This means that when they are turned on ALL SOFTWARE has 2 years of upgrades waiting to do! Browsers, Operating Systems, Antiviruses, all need to be updated to keep your computer threat free. Our MTG Pre-start protects our customers by ensuring the computer and software is fully up to date when you buy it off the shelf!


In addition to system security, many programs installed on new computers are just not needed! In the industry these programs are referred to as bloatware. Each brand has its own suite of “Optimizers”, “Assistants”, and “Managers” to seemingly offer you more services. Although a nice gesture, most of these programs are designed to endear you to a particular computer brand but only succeed in slowing down your computer and taking up valuable space on the hard drive! Our MTG Pre-start procedure includes all bloatware removal, takes around an hour and a half and is something we provide free of charge with every Computer we sell.


In addition to removing this bloatware we add several programs that help with the operation of your computer and make it so you can open any file or document right out of the box. Chances are everyone will need to use one of the Office suite of programs at some point, but perhaps not enough to pay the $100+ pricetag for the stand alone Microsoft Office. Every computer we sell comes with the free Libre Office, an office clone that offers 99% of the functionality of the official version. We also put on a small and secure remote software program, so that should you have any problems, you can give us a password over the phone and we can connect to your computer remotely and fix any issues without you lifting a finger.

Box store Computers

In addition to the bloatware installed and software being 2 years out of date, they come loaded with software that the box store gets paid to allow. An example of this is Norton Antivirus. Much like the bloatware haunting these computers, Norton provides many “optimizers” and “tweakers” that do not provide extra support, they only slow your system down to try and convince you that what you are paying for is worth it. In reality , the antivirus is no better than the built in Antivirus from Microsoft. In fact in many cases it is worse. However never fear, part of the MTG Pre-start is removing Norton, and any other programs like it that are designed to get in your way.

We go through great lengths to make sure our Computers are as reliable and provide as much value for money as possible. We are confident our rigorous steps along with the hour free lesson we offer with the sale of any computer, live up to our mantra of:

Thanks for reading!

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