If you plan on using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 in the foreseeable future, you should know that Microsoft plans to make it harder for you.

If you’ve got a current generation Intel Skylake processor, they’re going to stop issuing security updates for these older supported versions of Windows in about 8 months. Moreover, Microsoft is refusing to support anything less than Windows 10 in Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake processors, period.

But My Current Computer Is Fine, Right?

Your ability to use Windows 7 and 8.1 on your existing machine depends on what kind of processor you’ve got. If your computer isn’t cutting edge, you’re probably fine. But if you’re using Intel’s latest-and-greatest Skylake processors, Microsoft is determined to strong-arm you into upgrading.

Some programs only work on windows 7 and 8. We expect a tonne of companies that make software with these restrictions to be releasing upgrades like crazy over the coming months. We still sell a couple computers with Windows 7, but we will not be bringing any more in unless absolutely necessary in the future.

Microsoft has been on a bit of a tear upgrading people to Windows 10 and trying to withdraw support for old systems. Although this does cause a lot of problems at least rather than allow Windows 7 and 8.1 to continue to be used well past their prime, like Windows XP was, Microsoft is taking some drastic steps to bring about its graceful retirement. Ensuring that Windows 7 is insecure on current-generation hardware, and not supporting it on next-generation hardware will go a long way to meeting that goal.

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