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I get a message saying my ICloud is almost full and that I need to buy more space. Is there anything I can do to eliminate some of the stuff that’s being stored that I don’t need?






Hi Denise,

Absolutely there is. With the iCloud, you have a choice with what you are backing up. Within the iCloud settings on your device, you can choose pictures, contacts, notes, Apps, etc. I would check out this option to see if there is anything you can disable and do not need backed up.


The biggest thing that takes up space is media, so next, I would check out your pictures to see if any of them are not needed or that you are backing up bulky videos of the inside of your pockets (and similar unnecessary videos).


Lastly, If all the things that are being backed up are relevant then I would consider the following options:
1. Pay for iCloud. This can be quite a useful service and if used correctly can make it so your mobile life is not just tied to that device. You can even lose your iPhone and restore it perfectly to a new device within 30 minutes. The service becomes even more useful when you have more than one Apple device (iPhone AND iPad) under the same Apple ID.
2. Disable iCould and start backing up your device to a computer. On any computer PC or MAC, you can backup your files onto the Hard drive using iTunes. Once you run through the process once, it becomes very easy and straightforward. This does not have some of the benefits of iCloud backup as it is manual and happens less frequently but it is functional in protecting your data.

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