We all know that cheap charging cables are not a good idea to use; but we don’t all know why. Using a device that measures the amperage a cable uses when charging a device, we ran some quick tests. We used a few different cables ranging from dirt cheap to high quality, and found that the high quality cables, and incidently the ones we sell, can be as much as 6 TIMES the charging speed.

We hooked up the cables to our current testing meter and found that the cheapest quality cables we could find, a no name “Wind up” style cable, was drawing a mere 0.024 Amps from the wall to charge a tablet. The tablet took several days to charge to 100% from 0% with this cable.

Grabbing a “Middle of the road” standard cable included with the tablet at the time or purchase, it drew 1 Amp from the wall to charge the tablet.  This took only 2 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.  This is what most cables will be capable of, and is pretty standard for what you’d get out of the box.

Testing the highest quality cable off of our own shelf to test, we found that it was charging the tablet at it’s full capacity speed of 2 Amps (1.832), taking only an hour to charge the tablet fully from dead.  This is mostly what we expected to see, but we were a little surprised at the size of the gap between cable types.

It may be important to note that depending on your device, your charging speed may max out at 1 Amp unless you’re using the charging brick and cable that came with your device. Often times they are limited to prevent shoddy chargers from damaging it.

There are a whole host of reasons to not use cheap cables or charging bricks to charge your devices, such as the potential for poorly made electronics to catch fire or melt; but if you were looking for a tangible reason to avoid these knock off cables, the proof is in the pictures.

Not only does it take significantly longer to charge the device, it also shows in the numbers; higher quality cables are capable of pushing power to your device at a much faster rate.

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