Watch out for fake news
From time to time, when not writing this newsletter, we get emails from other companies with monthly greetings and tech news. In fact to make sure we stay at the forefront we subscribe to quite a lot. We came across one last week that seemed very well put together. A Q&A section, product tips, recommended downloads and a quote of the month, at a glance it seemed to contain some good information.
On closer inspection, it was total bunk. At the end of each article, it recommended one of their own programs. We are showing screencap here to help you avoid them in the future.

Do not go to the eSupport website. Driver updaters, BIOS agent plus, and registry wizards may look and sound like something your computer needs, but they are not. These programs often either stop your computer from functioning, steal your data, or attempt to steal your money by recommending further software upon installation. For more information check out our story on Malware.
Your drivers, BIOS, and registry will all take care of themselves and have done for years. They do occasionally need to be looked at but there is certainly no preemptive work that needs to be done. If you find yourself faced with the option to download these programs, say no or give us a call on 250-890-10650
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